30 October 2015- Globale: Exo-Evolution- ZKM Karlsruhe

30 October 2015- Globale: Exo-Evolution- ZKM Karlsruhe

GLOBALE: Exo-Evolution


Exhibition: 31.10.2015 06.03.2016

At ZKM Atrium 8 + 9, Karlsruhe Germany

OPENING 30th of October 2015, 7:30pm

Group show includes two-channel installation of  ‘Secret Machine’

The exhibition focuses on the artistic use of new technologies and opens up views into the future, in various modules. It shows us our new reality, which is shaped by 3-D printers and robots, cyborgs and chimeras, molecules and gene pools, wearable technologies and medical miracles, synthetic life forms, bionic suits and silicon retinas, artificial tissue and repair techniques, and new discoveries in space research, molecular biology, neurology, genetics, and quantum information science. It shows us visions and solutions for twentieth-century problems, such as separating oxygen out of CO2 to combat the climate crisis.


Participating artists: