5.6.2013 at 7pm 'FADE INTO YOU' Series of Filmscreenings at Kunsthalle Mainz

5.6.2013 at 7pm ‘FADE INTO YOU’ Series of Filmscreenings at Kunsthalle Mainz

On Wednesday June 5th Kunsthalle Mainz presents ‘The Lost’ (work in progress) at their FADE INTO YOU Series of Filmscreenings at 7pm.

„Fade Into You” is derived from the movie term „fade in” as a classical leading-in and is in context with the absorbing subject. Triweekly on Wednesdays at 7 pm a young audience keen to debate meets in the cinema of the lopsided tower to discuss international noted video- and filmart while having a glass of wine.

Entrance fee: 3,– Euro. A glass of wine for free.
For visitors of Fade Into You the entrance into the exhibition is for free.

(Featured photo: Norbert Miguletz)