8 November 10:30pm - Winterthur Short Film Festival

8 November 10:30pm – Winterthur Short Film Festival

Dark Delights I: Strange Things Happen

8 November 2014 – 10:30PM
Casino Festsaal

The attraction to the unknown has always worked as a true magnet: curiosity, fascination and fear invite us to imagine and believe in a wide range of unexplainable things. The place where mythology meets belief also nourishes images of occult presences and uncanny atmospheres. Cinema is tailor-made for such a magic experience, allowing us to discover hypnotic, strange, funny, scary and challenging visions of the mysterious side of our minds. This is where this programme wishes to lead you: a mesmerizing trip into eeriness.

Curated by Jasmin Basic

Stille Nacht IV – Can’t Go Wrong Without You — The Quay Brothers
Salomé — Clive Barker
Red Colored Bridge — Keiichi Tanaami
Light Is Waiting — Michael Robinson
Burn — Reynold Reynolds, Patrick Jolley
Sombra Dolorosa — Guy Maddin
Purgatory — Michael Frank
Los Andes — Cristóbal León, Joaquín Cociña
Darkened Room — David Lynch
Induction — Nicolas Provost