USA 2002, 10 min
HD video transferred from 16mm

Burn unfolds as a sequence of mundanely melodramatic domestic vignettes from the suburbs. The home environment is spontaneously ablaze. The inhabitants appear to carry on as normal, but their stilted quotidian rituals— eating a sandwich, sitting and reading the newspaper, laying in bed—become asphyxiated, communication limited, expression difficult, all betraying an underlying malaise and unease that permeates everyday existence, usually invisible, here reified and tangible.

‘Burn is a stunning evocation of those unspoken, those secrets, worries and lies, forming a force which is always a part of the fabric of everyday interactions; at first niggling at the edges, then – provoked by a word or a gesture – suddenly searing through everything and everyone in its path’. Belinda McKeon, The Irish Times


Steve Kondats – Sitting Room
Heike Bartels – Sitting Room
Ed Norris – Bedroom and Crawling
Charissa Harrison – Bedroom
Patrick Jolley – Crawling
Melissa Cliver – Crawling
Reynold Reynolds – Man on Fire

Rebecca Trost
Nelson Nelson
Tom Green
Ed Norris
Matt Kohn
Samara Golden
Christoph Draeger
Joan Linder

Produced by: Melissa Cliver

Editing and Sound Design: Reynold Reynolds

Foley: Andrew Innes

Thanks to:
Molly Larkey, Heidrun Holzfeind, Lisa Walborsky, Stuart Levy, Nina Bruderman, Robert Merdzo, Inger Lise Hansen, Laurent Mellet, Clare Langan, Materials for the Arts, Pac Lab, Ocularis