OLHO video art at Palazzo Grassi 17-19 January 2017

OLHO video art at Palazzo Grassi 17-19 January 2017

From Tuesday 17 to Thursday 19 January 2017
OLHO at Palazzo Grassi, Venice

Founded in 2014 by Alessandra Bergamaschi and Vanina Saracino, OLHO is a curatorial project whose aim is to research and explore the relationship between contemporary video artworks and Cinema. The aim is to research, analyze and finally bring together, in carefully curated sequences, video works that rethink the language of Cinema. The screenings bring together works that stand out in the international panorama of contemporary art and engage in a direct or dialectical manner with cinema. OLHO is an invitation to reflect upon the various different visual narratives that have developed in response to moving images and to relish in the powerful, aesthetic, immersive experience of the movie theatre.

The Teatrino di Palazzo Grassi presents a roundtable dedicated to the moving image and a selection of video works that were presented by OLHO in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo:

Tuesday 17 January

Roundtable dedicated to the moving image with Vanina Saracino and Alessandra Bergamaschi, curators of OLHO, and Leonardo Bigazzi, co-Director of the project Feature Expended nell’ambito di Schermo dell’Arte film festival.

Presentation and screenings

The Column, Adrian Paci, 2013, 26’
NYC Symphony, Reynold Reynolds, 1995, 9’
A Familia do Capitao Gervasio, Tamar Guimaraes and Kasper Akhøj, 2013, 17’
RWY, Pietro Fortuna, 2013, 2’
Per Speculum, Adrian Paci, 2006, 7’
Burn, Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley, 2002, 10’
A Vicious Undertow, Jesper Just, 2007, 10’

Wednesday 18 January

Presentation and screenings

Nummer Zeven, Guido van der Werve, 2007, 3’
Uraniborg, Laurent Grasso, 2012, 16’
Six Easy Pieces, Reynold Reynolds, 2010, 10’
Giant, Salla Tykkä, 2013, 13’
Nummer Zes, Guido van der Werve, 2006, 17’
Altar, Pietro Fortuna, 2013, 2’
Canoas, Tamar Guimaraes, 2010, 13’
Seven Days Till Sunday, Reynold Reynolds, 1998, 7’
Brisas, Enrique Ramirez, 2008, 12’

Artist Reynold Reynolds will be present to talk about his work.

Thursday 19 January

Presentation and screenings

Piktori, Adrian Paci, 2002, 4’
Studio Visit, Pietro Fortuna, 2013, 4’
Schlieren Plot, Mario Garcia Torres, 2007, 30’
Nummer Twee, Guido van der Werve, 2006, 3’
Llano, Jesper Just, 2012, 8’
Lasso, Salla Tykkä, 2000, 4’
Un Hombre que Camina, Enrique Ramirez, 2014, 22’
Soleil Noir, Laurent Grasso, 2014, 12’

Artist Salla Tykkä will be present to talk about her work.

Free entry until seating capacity is reached.