Seven Days ‘Til Sunday

USA 1998, 7 min
HD video transferred from Super8

An autonomous symphony of falling bodies.
A succession of image sequences shows the human figure falling through the cityscape towards violent annihilation by the natural forces of fire and water.

Sundance Film Fest. Jan. 99
SXSW Film Fest. March 99 Award: First Place, Experimental
Los Angeles Film Fest. April 99
New York Underground Film Fest. 98 Award: First Place, Experimental
Cork Film Festival, Ireland. 98 Award: Best New Film Director
New Jersey Film Fest. 99 Award: First Place, Experimental

Trilogy of Burn, The Drowning Room, and Seven Days Til Sunday.
National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., March 03
Robert Flaherty Film Seminar: 02
Denver International Film Fest. Oct. 02
Tbilisi Film Festival, Georgia, Oct. 02