Six Apartments

Reynold Reynolds
USA/DE 2007, 12 min
HD video transferred from 16mm

Six Apartments is a poetic document of decline and deterioration -both physical and conceptual. Six isolated residents of six different apartments live their lives unaware of each other. They eat their food, wander between rooms, bathe, watch television, and sleep. For them, this is life.
Yet while it may appear that nothing is happening here, the apartment building and its inhabitants’ bodies are aging, giving way to bacteria, larva, and finally transformation. Televisions and radios tell them about the destruction of the planet but it does not seem to affect their lives. Everything is in a state of resolute conversion. Immense drama does exist: chaos overcomes order and rot supersedes life. The residents’ lives are moving slowly towards death following the deliberate and methodical rhythms of their uniform days. This continuous erosion of bodies, buildings, and the planet, reveals the ever-active potential of death and its material processes.
In their passivity and isolation, the inhabitants emerge as the true form of death, while the rooms they inhabit maintain the ongoing transformation of life. The potential of life, then, exists only in the process of death.
Eventually all forms of life are consumed by new life.


Clean Woman- Cornelia Brelowski
Biker- Wolfram Von Staufenberg
Sick Girl- Johanna Kunig
Woman- Edith Hermann
TV Man- Norbert Decker
Messy- Michael Arndt Gastaud

Produced by Pierre Düsing, Lina Schuller, Marcela H. Polgar

Cinematography- Kenzo Guzman
Camera and Electrical- Carlos A. Lopez
Production Design- Daniele Fermani
Set Dresser- Andreas Böttger
Set Construction- Mark Preuss, Yves Boczek

Art Department for Clean Woman and Biker
Samuel Hof
Friederike Donath
Jelena Nagorni
Eva Swoboda

Visual Effects Supervisor -Carlos Vasquez
Digital Artist- Cristóbal León
3D Digital Artist- Joulia Strauss
Photo Artist- Matilda Mester
Management- Susen Hermann

Additional Cinematography -Carlos Vasquez, Daniele Fermani
Additional Post-Production- Letizia Mariotti

Film to Video Transfer
16mm-New York Du Art
16mm-Berlin das werk
Colorist Phil Whitfield
S8mm Screen Shot Berlin

Video Capture Berlin
Fabian Dittmann
Michael Labus

Sound Design- Reynold Reynolds
Sound Effects Editor- Claudia Neri
Sound Recordist -Sam Auinger, Dany Scheffler

Special Thanks To
Filipa César
Friederike Oberlin
Taylor Van Horne
Sacatar Foundation Brazil
Stacey Steers