Workshop Time Lapse Amsterdam // 18-24 June // Splendor

Workshop Time Lapse Amsterdam // 18-24 June // Splendor

Workshop Time Lapse Amsterdam
Amsterdam based American filmmaker Reynold Reynolds gives a workshop on time lapse production.

send an email to with the title ‘workshop time lapse Amsterdam’.
Max. 15 participants, the workshop is free of charge.

Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116, Amsterdam

Saturday 18 June, 10-14h
introduction, film samples, theory etc

Sunday 19 June, 17-21h
first opportunity to discuss self made footage

Monday 20 June, 17-21h
second opportunity to discuss self made footage

Friday 24 June, 15-17h
drop off of final footage

Sunday 26 June, 18h
screening of the workshop results with live musical accompaniment in the main hall of Splendor. This event is connected to the screening of The Lost/Die Verlorenen’ at 16:00h a film by Reynold Reynolds

Following his artistic practice, Reynolds will show participants how to produce sequences that compress time. The workshop will start with a seminar of the artist at Splendor in Amsterdam on the genre of City Symphony films. Beginning with Vertov’s “Man With a Movie Camera” (1929) and ending with Singh’s “Enter Pyongyang” (2014), Reynolds will use various film examples to show how artists contributed to this genre in different periods of film making. For the workshop, he will focus on the technique of time-lapse photography with equipment ranging from iPhones and video cameras to digital still cameras. Participants will also have the opportunity to learn how to program Arduino micro-computers in order to control Nikon DSL still cameras. The students will have time to shoot their own clips that will be incorporated into a single film that will be screened with live music in the main hall of Splendor on Sunday June 26.